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CNC Services
1235 Humbracht Circle
Unit H
Bartlett, IL 60103
Phone: 630-372-6440
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CNC Services specializes in machine rebuilding - we rebuild your machines to factory tolerances for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. We are involved in rebuilding machine tools to new tolerances for many of the big corporations in Midwest.

Our fully equipped service facility is prepared to handle all rebuilding needs. If you need spindle maintenance or repair, we can provide the service, experience and delivery that you need.

We re-ground the ways to new tolerances and hand scrape the mating parts to fit with proper bearing quality. The machine will be guaranteed to hold new tolerances. Spindles, gearboxes and hydraulic components are included in a rebuild. Guaranteed one year! Any job we do!

During the dismantle process of your machine rebuild, our technicians carefully take apart, measure and log all vital elements of your machine. Replacement parts that are unavailable, or carry a long waiting period, can be created in-house using our extensive machining capabilities. The machine is 100% disassembled, stripped to bare metal, and painted to factory quality. All ways are re-ground to new tolerances and mating parts are hand scraped to fit with proper bearing quality. All bearings, seals, feed screws, nuts and other parts showing wear are replaced.

Because rebuilding is a tedious process demanding precise positioning and flawless range of motion, we test and run until your machine operates flawlessly.

We also have the capabilities to rebuild and recondition worn and damaged spindles back to factory standards for a fraction of the original cost of replacement. Well functioning spindles are very critical to make your machines run better. Our rebuilding facility enables us to provide everything to complete the repair. Your spindle will be cleaned, repaired and free of vibration. Spindles that have been rebuilt can satisfy the requirements of your production at a fraction of the cost of a new one. A mechanical rebuild along with a calibration can provide the performance you need at significant cost saving.

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